[New eBook] A Guide to Understanding The Covid Economy

What will the recovery look like? That’s the question every economist is asking. As we continue battling the coronavirus pandemic, the answer will dictate how soon life returns to normal – and what normal actually is.

Economists often use “recession shapes” – commonly taking the form of letters from the alphabet – as a way to characterize recessions and their recoveries. V, U, W, L… …modern history provides plenty of examples of each of these types of recoveries. But what will the post-coronavirus recovery look like?

Will it be V-shaped, with the economy bouncing back as swiftly as it fell? Or will it be more like the Nike swoosh – a swift drop, with a long but straight road back to the top? Or maybe it will be like a rollercoaster, with plenty of hills and valleys to traverse before the ride comes to a stop. Click the button below to read more.


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