Your answers to our questions shape every service we offer.

What We Do

No matter who they are or where they come from, everyone has financial goals. Your goal could be to save for retirement so that you don’t have to work forever. It could be to help your children attend college. It could be to build a new house, open a business, or travel the world. It could be all of those things. We find solutions to help you preserve, grow, and enjoy your wealth so you can achieve your goals and prosperity throughout your lifetime.

How We Do It

At Wallace Hart, we have a special planning process designed to help you achieve your goals. It goes like this:

  1. Understand
    The first thing we do is get to know who you are. What do you want? What do you care about? What do you worry about? What is most important to you and your family? Whether it’s security, freedom, legacy, or anything in between, we will explore who you are so that the financial solutions we propose fit your wants and needs.
  2. Analyze
    When it comes to achieving financial goals and overcoming financial challenges, there's no such thing as a "one size fits all" solution. The next step in our process is to analyze your current financial situation. What are your assets? What are your sources of income? What are your liabilities? How is your cash flow? Then, we take that information to craft a strategy to help you achieve your financial goals while also helping to protect you against life’s unpleasant surprises.
  3. Guide
    We don’t just help you create a strategy. We help you implement it. That’s what the final step in our process is all about. By translating insight into action, we can help you stay on track to reaching your financial goals, no matter what life has in store.

Unique Investment Philosophy at Wallace Hart

Our passion is to help you achieve your financial dreams. Some of you want to grow your investments as fast as possible. Others are concerned about preserving what you’ve worked so hard to achieve. And others fall somewhere in-between.

At Wallace Hart Capital Management, we’ve created a strategy that helps solve your puzzle. With our strategy, as the market trends upward, we invest to grow your account. When the market shifts, think 2007-2009, our process will switch to preserve your capital.

Sounds like a simple plan doesn’t it? And if it’s so simple, why doesn’t everyone do this? It’s a question we’ve asked ourselves over the past 20 years while working at large Wall Street firms. That’s why we formed Wallace Hart Capital Management: To turn the “normal” investment process on it’s head.

We believe in empowering clients through education. That’s why we spend time showing you what we do and why we do it. We will show you how we came up with our investment process, how we make the decisions we do and how our proven strategy can ultimately work for you.

We believe you will enjoy the investment experience at Wallace Hart Capital Management.


We work to protect your assets and grow your wealth in ever-changing financial circumstances, collaborating with your trusted partners to ensure a unified pursuit of your goals and objectives.

  • Wealth transfer planning
  • Tax planning
  • Asset protection
  • Investment management
  • Risk management
  • Cash flow planning
  • Legacy planning
  • College planning
  • Philanthropic planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Investment policy development
  • Estate planning